Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Invitations

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Invitations!

Email: jingvites@gmail.com for inquiries.

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handmade teenage mutant ninja turtles invitations (4)

Batman Baby Invitations

Cutest baby batman party invitation!
More pictures here:

baby batman invitations (2)baby batman invitations (4)baby batman invitations (6)baby batman invitations (8)

Artist Painting Party Invitations

Artist Painting Party Invitations. Handmade, unique design! Perfect invitation for painting birthday or baby shower party!

painting party invitations (2)painting party invitations (5)painting party invitations (6)wer party! Colors can be customized to your preference.

Monster Truck invitations

Monster truck card for birthday party invitations!
Please check the photo album for more detailed, high resolution pictures:

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Doc McStuffin Handmade Invitations

Doc Mc Stuffin Invitations!

Doctor bag design invitations with Doc Party and band aid cut out in the front.

Featuring characters from Doc and Friends!


For more pictures, please check the photo album here:



For inquiries about other designs and prices please email: jingvites@gmail.com

doc_mcstuffin_invitations (4)doc_mcstuffin_invitations (6)doc_mcstuffin_invitations (7)doc_mcstuffin_invitations (8)

Dinosaur Invitations

Dinosaur  Invitations! It can also be used as a Jurassic Park Party theme.

Another unique invitation with open cutout design.

Invitation card is wrapped in a sliding band.

For more pictures. Please check here:



dinosaur_invitations (2)dinosaur_invitations (6)dinosaur_invitations (11)dinosaur_invitations (14)

Carousel invitations for Boys

Carousel invitations for Boys

Perfect for baby shower!

It can also be used as a party invitation or in this case a birth announcement!

For more pictures, please check the photo album:


For inquiries and prices, please email: jingvites@gmail.com


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