Painting Leather Planner

Hey there! So this is not your regular invitations post but something I’ve been wanting to share specially for planners! I’ve been using Kikki K leather planners for a while and they have such beautiful color selection, but they have yet to release hot pink color. I’ve seen a youtube video about painting Kate spade leather planner, so I thought why not?

Here are the steps:

Prepare the materials.

  • Leather paint – I use Angelus leather paint in hot pink.
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Finisher (optional). If you bring your planner with you everywhere, I do recommend using this. If you leave your planner at home and frequently change binder, it is not¬† necessary. This is more personal preference. If you want to have shiny finish, get normal or satin. If you want the same finish as original Kikki, get matte. kikki_K planner (1)


Tape the seam and inside fabric. This is additional step but it will speed up the process since you won’t have to worry about slowing down when you get to the seam. This also ensures, no paint is going on the fabric. Just use your fingernails to get into the crevices. If you have shaky hands, I recommend doing this step.kikki_K planner (2)


First coat of white. You can paint the planner in just one color but I decided to use white as a base color so the color won’t be too dark. It looks really scary I know ūüôā kikki_K planner (3)kikki_K planner (4)


Second coat. I painted them really thin. I dipped the brush and spread them nicely. It does look patchy but trust me it will get better.kikki_K planner (5)


This is when I am glad I used painter’s tape. My hands were trembling! I probably would have paint all of the fabric.kikki_K planner (6)


Third coat. You can still see a little bit of discoloration but since I know I painted them really thin, I know I can still add 2-3 more coats.kikki_K planner (7)


Fourth coat. Tada! This is taken under natural light. No filters or adjustment. Right next to it is Marion Smith in light pink so you can see the color difference.kikki_K planner (8)

kikki_K planner (9)


Up close. The texture feels the same as before it was painted! #1 tip would be to paint it very, very thin.painting leather planner (12)


I painted the Kikki tag too! This is where the fine tip brush comes in handy. Check the first picture (blue brush). Just a dot of paint from the bottle cap and slowly paint in between the gold letters.painting leather planner (10)


Check out the seams! This would not have been possible if I did not put any painters tape. Look how clean and crisp the edges are!painting leather planner (11)